I am a multidisciplinary artist, storyteller and a maker, balancing my career as an artist in traditional and fine arts alongside my corporate and entrepreneurial endeavours.

I have over 14 years of experience working in the technology industry in research, strategic marketing, business development and digital media strategist roles with Microsoft (UK), Oracle (India) and Fidelity Investments (India & US). I graduated in MSc.Advance Marketing Management from Lancaster University, UK and MBA from Sri Sathya Say University, India.

Inspired by my mothers work, I set up Auve Gava (, a boutique hand knitwear company based in the Nilgiris to help her establish a business, which subsequently was an inspiration to create an e-commerce platform ‘My Mother Made This’ ( to assist more mother entrepreneurs grow their business. Over the last six years I have been working with various clients to build tech and local start-ups with my skills in creative foresight, strategic consulting, research, analytics, design thinking, product-market fit, branding, user experience, interface design and endless curiosity for all things new, thereby establishing Nanda & Karma.

My heart has always been with the arts & culture. With an accidental initiation into Bharatanatyam at an early age of 6, my love for dance blossomed into many forms of folk, traditional and western styles. I performed professionally with Latin Dance India in Latin styles and with Nritarutya as a Indian Contemporary dancer. To this day I continue to learn Bharatanatyam with Rasika Academy in Bangalore. With keen interest in martial arts I have been practicing Kalaripayatu with Kalari Academy of Performing Arts (KAPA) and KalariYogi in Bangalore and am preparing to join the CVN school in Trivandrum, Kerala. I have also devised a fitness workout called the Yogic Warrior which is a combination of Yoga, martial arts, dance and functional workout and have conducted classes at the Fit District and Tribe (now Cult) in Bangalore.

I love to paint, sketch and am specialized in the art of Ambigrams. I have also created a comic series ‘Oddly Tods’, expressing the oddities of life. I have written stories and illustrated books for Grammy award winning artists & Macmillan Education on environment protection based on UN Sustainable Development Goals published for children from Class 1 to Class 8 (CBSE & ISCE boards). My artwork has also been featured on and other websites.

Technology keeps me busy.

Design keeps me thinking.

Movement keeps me alive.

Art keeps me.


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