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Oddly Tods by Nanda Venugopal.JPG

Oddly tods

Oddly Tods is a comic series I created to express my odd thoughts and odd situations with odd people.


The character design for Tods is inspired balloons. There are five main characters and hopefully I will introduce more eventually.

Click here to read the comic series.


Fallen Haven

“I promise to let you dream and run with the snails.”


A girl lost in the wilderness attempts to find her way back home.

An Excerpt.

Sunside Discovery

Sunside discovery

An enchanting journey unravelling the secrets of the Suns. Many Suns. A million and more.


And all the brightness kept me in the dark.

A visual journey.

Journal of falfore

Unseen creatures & mysterious contraptions found and lost forever.


Neil Gher, a land of four mountains, once invaded by the Suls of Loon lay buried under the clouds.

Work in progress.

Lanny Paper

Adventures of lanny paper


Lanny, the man from Paperland, is here to rescue papers!


A tiny book for children educating them to reuse paper, reduce wastage and introduce them to creative arts.